How I Succeeded in Gaining for My Blog the PageRank of 3 in Less than 4 Months

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I wrote this post in 2011 and since then, there have been a lot of changes in Google Algorithm, making obsolete the tips to getting PageRank.

Nevertheless, this is worth reading as it would provide a glimpse of SEO dynamics two years ago.

I am happy to relate how I succeeded in gaining PR 3 for my blog in less than four months.

Of course, PageRank is not everything and not the ultimate goal for creating a blog.

For those who are experts, gaining PageRank for a site is a simple feat. In my three years of being a blogger, attaining PR 3 for my site is quite an achievement.

I started Central Philippine University Blog on March 8, 2011 with the introductory page as its first post.

I also created pages and categories but these are all blank pages, which I reserved for future blog posts.

I never expected that PR 3 could be attained in just four months considering that my two other sites, From Worry to Glory earned PR1 in 21 months and Online Writing Niche, PR2 in nine months.

I am not knowledgeable about how PageRank is computed and I am not aware of the specific elements and requirements that would facilitate the achievement of PR for a site.

Just like what a blogger does, I wrote and posted contents.

With my SEO knowledge, I built inbound and outbound links and promoted the blog through social media sites, especially Twitter and Facebook.

I bought the domain in March 2011. I decided to have the blog remain its free hosting with

After posting initially the introductory page in March, Central Philippine University Blog became idle for a month. In May, I made additional posts and from then on, I supplied fresh blog contents regularly.

In the last week of July 2011, less than four months after I created Central Philippine University Blog, I noticed that the PR checker on my toolbar showed the number “3”. I was quite elated to find out that Central Philippine University Blog earned PR3.

So, what did my blog has when it gained PR3?

  • Between March to July, I posted 18 articles composed of 450-500 words average.
  • Google had indexed 176 pages.
  • Back links numbered 156.
  • Traffic or number of visits averaged 35 per day.
  • I posted 10 videos.
  • Photos enhance the blog articles.

Well, I’m not saying that these are the exact bases that caused Google to give Central Philippine University Blog PR3. I listed these elements of my blog when it gained PR3 so that it would serve as benchmark.

I believe that as long as you are committed to posting quality contents, building internal and external links to enhance your article, you will succeed in gaining traffic and following. Sure enough, PageRank would follow.

The Joy of Knowing that My Blogs have Gained PageRank

Google PageRank
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Gaining PageRank from Google is perhaps one of the best achievements that a search engine optimizer could attain.

PageRank is Google’s system of gauging the value or importance of your site. It is named after Larry Page, the founder of Google. PageRank is a Google trademark, which process is patented officially in the US Patent Office.

Search Engine Land explains that “PageRank is Google’s system of counting link votes and determining which pages are most important based on them. These scores are then used along with many other things to determine if a page will rank well in a search.”

Despite the fact that Google had removed PageRank in its Google Web Master Tools interface to encourage bloggers and webmasters to focus on other factors that qualify a site, PageRank has remained as a primary website quality indicator.

PageRank or PR rating ranges between 0 to 10; and PR 10 as the highest. Google and Facebook have perfect PR10 each, while Twitter has PR9.

When I started my first blog, “From Worry to Glory” in September 2009, I don’t have any idea about SEO writing nor about PR. What was in my mind then is to publish my writings through my blog.

Then I created “Online Writing Niche” in July 2010 with the thought of achieving PageRank for it. At that time I already knew about the importance of PR.

After ten months without any development, I told myself that gaining PR is only for those who have the knowledge and expertise in blogging and search engine optimization.

Then in June 2011, I was quite elated to see that my blogs, “From Worry to Glory” and “Online Writing Niche” earned a PR.

“From Worry to Glory”, which is a motivational and inspirational blog, got PR1 after one year and nine months.

Online Writing Niche”, which is a blog on Internet marketing, gained PR2 after ten months.