News Article Still ‘Editors’ Pick’ After Over a Month

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As I browsed the Timaru Herald website today, I found out that the news article “Pastor spreads word in his new business” published on 8 August 2013 is still on the Editors Picks list. The news article is based on my blog post “How the Tell-a-Friend Promote South Canterbury Contest Helped Start Our Company in […]

Waugh Infrastructure Management Founder Writes About Blogging, Updated Website and Online Writing Niche

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Earlier this year I decided it was time to update my company’s web site. It had been a task on the to-do list for several years, as our previous site had been a static 4 page brochure type site. I met Jonan Castillon of Online Writing Niche. Several discussions with Jonan showed that he understood […]

The Joy of Knowing that My Blogs have Gained PageRank

Gaining PageRank from Google is perhaps one of the best achievements that a search engine optimizer could attain. PageRank is Google’s system of gauging the value or importance of your site. It is named after Larry Page, the founder of Google. PageRank is a Google trademark, which process is patented officially in the US Patent […]

3 Secrets to Highly Approvable Blog Comments

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Blog commenting is one SEO activity that search engine optimizers must master. It gives you the opportunity to interrelate with relevant blogs all over, enriching your know-how on any topic or theme that you are commenting on. Mastery of blog commenting means the ability to garner high percentage of approved comments and the skill to […]