Online Writing Niche Ltd. Turns One Year Today – 17 May 2014

Yes, today Online Writing Niche is celebrating her first year as a company in New Zealand.

We celebrate with thanksgiving to our Almighty God for His guidance and provision.
We celebrate with gratitude to our clients for their trust and confidence.

Looking back four years ago, I and Jewel prayed about putting up an online writing company. We were still living in the Philippines then.

We’ve done some steps to pursue this desire.

In July 2010, I started Online Writing Niche or Owniche a portfolio blog to get more client online. Then, I registered it with as a virtual company. Through Owniche, we were able to work with clients all over the world.

In March 2011, as our online clientele grew, we looked into the possibility of furthering our virtual company into a real physical company. I expressed this in the blog post “No Doubt in the Power of Jesus” at From Worry To Glory site.

However, migrating to New Zealand beckoned as our visa arrived. When we migrated to New Zealand in November 2011, Owniche was placed at the sideline for a while.

On 17 May 2013, we revived Owniche and registered her as limited company based in Timaru. The article “How the Tell-a-Friend Promote South Canterbury Contest Helped Start Our Company in Timaru” tells more.

After a year of working in our own company, we have our share of “tears” and “joys”.

The “tears” or hardships are when you see that your client base isn’t growing, there’s less work that would pay the bills and self-doubt sets in.

The “joys” are knowing that there are people and companies who believe in you and support you to continue.

Seeing how the hand of the Lord God working in “ways you cannot see” makes you smile and knocks off any doubt and fear you have.

The greatest joy is seeing how Owniche is supporting the ministry that we are doing. The working time flexibility at Owniche enables me to fulfill our passion for serving the Lord God in South Canterbury.

So, what does the future hold for Owniche?

The other day, I learned the Hebrew meaning of the name “Che”, which is the last three letters of Online Writing Niche or Owniche.

“Che” is a Hebrew name for boys meaning “God will multiply”.

As we go through our second year and more years ahead, our prayer is for God to multiply both the ministry and business that we are undertaking here.

May the Lord God multiply and prosper the companies and people we are working with.

To God be the glory!

Online Writing Niche Ltd anniversary 2

News Article Still ‘Editors’ Pick’ After Over a Month

As I browsed the Timaru Herald website today, I found out that the news article “Pastor spreads word in his new business” published on 8 August 2013 is still on the Editors Picks list.

The news article is based on my blog post “How the Tell-a-Friend Promote South Canterbury Contest Helped Start Our Company in Timaru

Shown below is the screenshot of the paper’s homepage I have taken.

Train your sight on the news headline I enclosed with a red rectangle.

Online Writing

Please read the article by clicking on the image above or on the article title highlighted in the first paragraph. Give it a FB like too. Thank you.


Online Writing Niche Receives Commendation

Thumbs Up for Online Writing Niche

We are very happy to receive a commendation from Waugh Infrastructure Management.

The company is our first client since we established Online Writing Niche Ltd. on 17 May 2013.

We launched the company’s updated website on 1 June 2013 and ever since it has been receiving consistent visitors daily.

In mid-July, the website is listed number 5 or 6 on the first page of Google search result pages for the keyword “infrastructure management”. It has remained in that rank as of writing.

The company’s founder, Ross Waugh expressed in his commendation letter that his website achieved outstanding results in two months because of the following factors:

  • well-designed site
  • quality content through its pages and blog
  • search engine optimisation work

Thank you very much Ross Waugh of Waugh Infrastructure Management Ltd. for taking time to write the commendation for Online Writing Niche.

It’s great honor and privilege to be working with you in achieving your online goals.




Waugh Infrastructure Management Founder Writes About Blogging, Updated Website and Online Writing Niche

Waugh Infrastructure Management Ltd.
Waugh Infrastructure Management Ltd.

Earlier this year I decided it was time to update my company’s web site. It had been a task on the to-do list for several years, as our previous site had been a static 4 page brochure type site.

I met Jonan Castillon of Online Writing Niche. Several discussions with Jonan showed that he understood what I was trying to achieve and was bringing a wide range of good ideas, and in depth knowledge into the mix to improve our internet presence.

Waugh Infrastructure Management is an expert and specialist niche consultancy – we work in the field of infrastructure management. Our skills are well known in New Zealand so most of our work comes from existing clients and client referrals.

Upgrading our website wasn’t particularly about winning work or generating revenue right now. It was more of a chance to share information we wanted to, maintain an internet presence, communicate effectively with current and future clients, and to build reputation and create future work opportunities.

Online Writing Niche produced our updated website, which included a blog.

Populating the Waugh Blog

On May 20th, I wrote my first post on our new website.

I set myself the goal of writing 2 blog posts per week to keep a level of interest in the site.

To achieve this I have kept a list of ideas, articles and links as I come across them so I always have a starting point for a blog post.

Sometimes I will blog on the ideas I have listed. Other times I read something that day then blog on it straight away.

Last week (22-26 July), I blogged every work day, which is a new milestone, and not a pace I think I can sustain.

A week before last week, I was at a series of seminars and didn’t blog at all – it was a very busy week.

So I started this week falling behind in my objectives, and wanting to blog some more. Monday, Tuesday blogs were produced. Wednesday – I nearly didn’t but decided I would.

Jonan then challenged me to do a blog post every day this week, and the challenge got the last 2 done, although blogging on Friday night after a busy week was a challenge.

My list of posts is great help. I have a good idea sitting and waiting, which I was able to choose, write quickly about it and with too much effort.

Blogging has been an adventure, and I am still learning all the time.

How the website is faring

You might ask, how has the web site been going.

Now at the end of July, and two months after we re-lunched the website I can say that it has massively exceeded my expectations.

We have had site visitors from 42 countries, with 312 from New Zealand our home market.

The site has had 3,788 page views, and 1939 visitors.

People are clearly following the blog posts. On Thursday (25 July), we had 22 visitors at one moment after publishing of the day’s post.

Jonan’s company has also put a lot of SEO work to the site.

On our core search term ‘infrastructure management’ after starting from scratch two months ago, we are now the number 5 listed site, on the top half of the first page of Google ( search result pages. This is without advertising or paying Google anything.

This is an outstanding result, and I am very happy.

For a small specialist company in a small niche, I think that these results are outstanding over a two month period, and I can put it down to a well-designed site, good content, and mostly to the blog.

That in itself is encouragement to keep the discipline of blogging regularly.

I can recommend Jonan Castillon and Online Writing Niche without reservation.

The investment I have made on my website over the past 4 months has achieved the best return on investment so far.

The dividend I will receive in terms of profile, professional reputation, and future work opportunities will continue to be paid back for years to come.

Positive Effects of Publishing Contents Daily

We have heard the popular saying ‘An apple a day drives the doctor away’ but…

Have you heard of ‘A blog post a day attracts readers from far and away’?

It has been a known fact traffic increases when you are posting articles on your sites daily.

I challenged a client to try posting a blog daily for a week and see the results.

His company is engaged in infrastructure management or infrastructure asset management industry, a very technical and specific niche.

The results are fantastic. The table below shows the statistics:

22/07/2013 Detroit – A Lesson for Infrastructure Managers
23/07/2013 NZ Treasury – Better Business Cases
24/07/2013 Haussmann’s Second Empire Design – Bold Boulevards in Paris
25/07/2013 New Zealand – Safest Country in the World 2013
26/07/2013 Chicago Infrastructure Trust – A New Model to Pay for Infrastructure

In addition to gaining visitors, you get to evaluate what sort of topics or themes that generate more interest from readers.

The topic about New Zealand being rated as the safest country in 2013 generated the highest visitors.

It also got the highest number of shares in social media.

Lifestyle, tourism, entertainment, and sports are topics that have been proven to be traffic magnets.

Publishing contents along these themes could surely boost website visitors.

Are you getting the best out of your website? Is it performing according to your expectation?

Contact Online Writing Niche today!