The Importance of SEO and Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Search Engine Optimisation Pay-Per-Click

Many business site owners are satisfied with having Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising as their means of promoting their website in the internet. You can’t blame them because launching PPC campaign provides that calming assurance that visitors would come and browse your site. Also, they are confident that because they have paid for PPC advertising service, their […]

Why You Should Blog About Your Life

importance of blogging your life

When you blog about your life, it doesn’t mean you are limited to writing and sharing about your personal life. It covers all aspects of your existence. It is about your passion and what makes life meaningful to you. Let me give two significant reasons that would encourage you to blog about your life. Finding […]

Google Penguin Joins Google Panda Against Webspam

By now, everyone in the internet marketing world is aware of Google Penguin, the label of the latest changes in Google’s algorithm. This recent Google Algorithm changes was launched on 24 April 2012. Web masters and SEO gurus see Google Penguin as extension of Google Panda. There are those who see it as two Google […]

Blog About Your Life Now!

Blog about your life

Whenever I meet people and they would ask me, “What keeps you busy these days Jonan?” I would smile and reply, “I blog about my life.” Then my answer would spark a conversation on blogging, what I blog about, why blogs are important and how I do it. This post answers some of the basic […]

How I Succeeded in Gaining for My Blog the PageRank of 3 in Less than 4 Months

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I am happy to relate how I succeeded in gaining PR 2 for my blog in less than four months. Of course, PageRank is not everything and not the ultimate goal for creating a blog. I believe that as long as you are committed to posting quality contents, building internal and external links to enhance your article, you will succeed in gaining traffic and following. Sure enough, PageRank would follow.

My SEO Writing Experience

During my training as online writer, the whole concept of search engine optimization (SEO) dropped on me like a bomb. Its shrapnel are the crawling spiders in the Internet, keywords, algorithms, Internet marketing, social media, blogging, back links, black hat, white hat—the list of SEO jargons and revelations is quite long and more are added each year.

3 Secrets to Highly Approvable Blog Comments

Blog commenting

Blog commenting is one SEO activity that search engine optimizers must master. It gives you the opportunity to interrelate with relevant blogs all over, enriching your know-how on any topic or theme that you are commenting on. Mastery of blog commenting means the ability to garner high percentage of approved comments and the skill to […]

Easy Steps on How to Conduct Keyword Research

keyword research

Keyword research is a must for those who are into online writing. Using free keyword research tool, like Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool, enables you to generate data about the keyword that you intend to use in your write up. Keywords are evaluated on the bases of its search popularity, competitions, and value. Read the entire article and know more about Keyword Research.