Why You Should Blog About Your Life

importance of blogging your life

When you blog about your life, it doesn’t mean you are limited to writing and sharing about your personal life. It covers all aspects of your existence. It is about your passion and what makes life meaningful to you. Let me give two significant reasons that would encourage you to blog about your life. Finding […]

Blog About Your Life Now!

Blog about your life

Whenever I meet people and they would ask me, “What keeps you busy these days Jonan?” I would smile and reply, “I blog about my life.” Then my answer would spark a conversation on blogging, what I blog about, why blogs are important and how I do it. This post answers some of the basic […]

How I Succeeded in Gaining for My Blog the PageRank of 3 in Less than 4 Months

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I am happy to relate how I succeeded in gaining PR 2 for my blog in less than four months. Of course, PageRank is not everything and not the ultimate goal for creating a blog. I believe that as long as you are committed to posting quality contents, building internal and external links to enhance your article, you will succeed in gaining traffic and following. Sure enough, PageRank would follow.