Record-Breaking Hits from Stumbleupon

It might not be impressive for those who are receiving thousands of views on Stumbleupon but for me it’s record-breaking.

For posting “The Real Deal Look Back You Might Not Want to See at All“, I garnered 51 views (or 53 as of writing) from Stumbleupon — a very far cry from the usual one or two hits for a post I would “Stumble”.

Stumbleupon likes

Stumbleupon views

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If you want more views for your site, Stumbleupon is one good source of traffic.

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The Importance of SEO and Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Search Engine Optimisation Pay-Per-Click

Many business site owners are satisfied with having Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising as their means of promoting their website in the internet.

You can’t blame them because launching PPC campaign provides that calming assurance that visitors would come and browse your site.

Also, they are confident that because they have paid for PPC advertising service, their ads will show up and generate traffic as expected.

Furthermore, seeing their company website appear on the paid search result area, especially appearing at the top of the fold of the page, presents great advantage.

For most of them, PPC is sufficient and spending for search engine optimization is an added expense for internet advertising.

Realities of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

How many of these website owners are aware that PPC advertising is not the same as paying advertisements in newspapers and magazines. It is not at all similar with TV and radio advertising.

A business website owner must realize that PPC advertising is keyword based. He still has to bid for the keywords or key phrases they are using for their website to appear on the paid search list result.

When someone outbid him, his website will be placed lower than the site that won the bid. It follows then that his site will be at the bottom when many key phrase bidders have higher tender than his offer.

One way to recover from bottom position is to offer higher value for the keywords or key phrases he is competing for his website.

Imagine how expensive it could get and eventually it would become heavy burden on the budget to sustain.

After losing in the bidding wars for top position in the paid section of the search page result, you will suffer another blow if your site is not appearing on top list in the main search result listing.

Neglecting SEO in favor of PPC campaign will be a double blow for you because you have missed the competition in the free search listing.

Advantage of doing SEO and PPC

Most internet marketers agree that SEO and PPC should not be pitted against each other. They are two pieces of the same puzzle that comprises the whole internet business field.

Companies that have realized the strong advantage of having both SEO and PPC advertising campaigns gets the benefit of covering two frontiers. And when their sites get to top listing, they have the benefit of both worlds.

According to a study on how the eyes ranges across the internet page, websites that appear on top paid section and organic lists receive more attention and chances of being clicked and visited.

Those sites that end up in the lower and bottom listings, sponsored or organic sections have low probability of being seen and clicked.

This is as far as first page of search result listing is concerned.

It goes without saying that getting traffic juice would be scarce or nil when your site lands on second and further down the pages.

Positive Effects of Publishing Contents Daily

We have heard the popular saying ‘An apple a day drives the doctor away’ but…

Have you heard of ‘A blog post a day attracts readers from far and away’?

It has been a known fact traffic increases when you are posting articles on your sites daily.

I challenged a client to try posting a blog daily for a week and see the results.

His company is engaged in infrastructure management or infrastructure asset management industry, a very technical and specific niche.

The results are fantastic. The table below shows the statistics:

22/07/2013 Detroit – A Lesson for Infrastructure Managers
23/07/2013 NZ Treasury – Better Business Cases
24/07/2013 Haussmann’s Second Empire Design – Bold Boulevards in Paris
25/07/2013 New Zealand – Safest Country in the World 2013
26/07/2013 Chicago Infrastructure Trust – A New Model to Pay for Infrastructure

In addition to gaining visitors, you get to evaluate what sort of topics or themes that generate more interest from readers.

The topic about New Zealand being rated as the safest country in 2013 generated the highest visitors.

It also got the highest number of shares in social media.

Lifestyle, tourism, entertainment, and sports are topics that have been proven to be traffic magnets.

Publishing contents along these themes could surely boost website visitors.

Are you getting the best out of your website? Is it performing according to your expectation?

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The Advantages of Excellent Community Management in Social Media Marketing

The effectiveness of social media marketing for business promotion encouraged companies to engage strongly on it. Realizing how social media sites provide excellent venue for people to converge and interact, companies see a potential community to market their products.

Seeing social media as a very significant frontier for marketing, businesses create their social media accounts. They spend time and money to build followers and subscribers and take time interacting with the community they created. They also expand their social media presence through joining and participating in other groups.


Online community managers have changed social media marketing from just merely putting out information and promotions regarding company products and events. It has proceeded to engaging with consumers, listening to client’s needs, garnering feedback for the company.

It is important to consider that a strong community is built on sharing and helping. A community that thrives on one-way communication, where dialogues are dominated by one, and members are exploited as mere marketing venues, will not exist long.

Thus, excellent community management sees to it that the real community spirit is created; members are given great value through encouraging participation and interacting with them.

If you want your company to perform well and become popular in customer service, sales, building relationships, coordination and cooperation, then invest on good community management strategies.

There are also software solutions that enhance your social media engagement, enable your community managers to monitor efficiently company related conversations, issues and allowing them to sort it out, respond, and redirect for further action.

Through community management, your company creates a bridge between the company (internal) and the community (external) with the goal of communing or being one with them in talks and discussions.

The focal point in community management is presenting the universal values of trust and loyalty rather than be engrossed in gaining sales.

Achieve well in social media marketing through a community management program that empowers and builds a genuine community.


Google Penguin Joins Google Panda Against Webspam

By now, everyone in the internet marketing world is aware of Google Penguin, the label of the latest changes in Google’s algorithm. This recent Google Algorithm changes was launched on 24 April 2012.

Web masters and SEO gurus see Google Penguin as extension of Google Panda. There are those who see it as two Google algorithm animals joining forces to topple web spam and promote high quality websites in search engine results.

With the 52 Google Penguin changes (or improvements), people in the internet marketing industry are keeping their search engine optimization “horses” at bay.

There is a need to retrospect and introspect all SEO actions done in the past to ensure that all, if not a large percentage of it is Google Penguin compliant.

Forewarnings of Google Penguin’s coming

Google has warned about “black hat webspam”, which they observe is being done every day. The scheme includes from stuffing contents with keywords unrelated to the topic to doing hidden links and building links with irrelevant sites or spam sites.

Site owners and SEO companies that have engaged in link buying schemes for the mere purpose of achieving high rank for their sites are Google’s target in the recent algorithm changes. Popular internet marketing experts keep the SEO people updated how Google Penguin is faring with regards to its algorithm purpose.

Thus, towards the end of April 2012, Google announced that they are launching algorithm changes that would combat webspam. It mentioned about sites having violated Google’s requirements for website quality, both in links and contents, will be slapped with decreased ranking.

According to Inside Search – the official Google Search blog, the latest changes in Google algorithm are not only to diminish webspam but most of all, to reward sites that have been committed to their quality guidelines. Google Penguin is designed to encourage high quality content to benefit browsers who are searching for good information.

Black Hat Webspam Techniques Undesirable to Google

Google has been battling webspam and other black hat SEO techniques that some individuals and companies are perpetuating to gain rankings in Google.

With Google Panda’s implementation in 2011, we have seen how many sites, some of them popular article directories, reformed their editorial policies and avoid becoming link farms.

Google Penguin is an improvement of Google’s on-going desire to clean the search engine world of those who might have passed through Google Panda’s filter.

Among these webspam practices that Google Penguin is trying to crack down are as follows:

  • Keyword stuffing is the practice of web content writers to fill up the copy with keywords which results to unintelligible text or contents. Often times the keywords are mentioned out of context. It could also be lists or paragraphs of keywords repeated all throughout the text.
  • Link schemes include link-building techniques that intend to manipulate PageRank. They are links built with irrelevant and questionable sites.
  • When there is so much reciprocal links and link exchanges, the sites could be penalized for unwarranted link schemes.
  • Termed as “money links”, links bought or sold that passes PageRank are considered as link scheming.
  • Cloaking is a practice wherein a website presents different content or URL to browsers and search engines.
  • Google considers sites using sneaky JavaScript redirects in violation of their Webmaster Guidelines because it shows different content for users while redirecting search engines to a different one.
  • There are sites that create doorway pages and use it to rank for a particular keyword or phrase. They may be made within the domain or constructed on separate domains. The main purpose is to redirect readers to a single destination.
  • Duplicate content refers to bulk of text within the site that is a complete copy of existing content. It also refers to similarly matched contents among sites.

Google Webmaster Tools offer detailed explanation on how to resolve these issues presented here. It also details how a particular site can be corrected and be compliant with existing webmaster guidelines, particularly with Google Penguin.