Online Writing Niche Ltd. Turns One Year Today – 17 May 2014

Yes, today Online Writing Niche is celebrating her first year as a company in New Zealand.

We celebrate with thanksgiving to our Almighty God for His guidance and provision.
We celebrate with gratitude to our clients for their trust and confidence.

Looking back four years ago, I and Jewel prayed about putting up an online writing company. We were still living in the Philippines then.

We’ve done some steps to pursue this desire.

In July 2010, I started Online Writing Niche or Owniche a portfolio blog to get more client online. Then, I registered it with as a virtual company. Through Owniche, we were able to work with clients all over the world.

In March 2011, as our online clientele grew, we looked into the possibility of furthering our virtual company into a real physical company. I expressed this in the blog post “No Doubt in the Power of Jesus” at From Worry To Glory site.

However, migrating to New Zealand beckoned as our visa arrived. When we migrated to New Zealand in November 2011, Owniche was placed at the sideline for a while.

On 17 May 2013, we revived Owniche and registered her as limited company based in Timaru. The article “How the Tell-a-Friend Promote South Canterbury Contest Helped Start Our Company in Timaru” tells more.

After a year of working in our own company, we have our share of “tears” and “joys”.

The “tears” or hardships are when you see that your client base isn’t growing, there’s less work that would pay the bills and self-doubt sets in.

The “joys” are knowing that there are people and companies who believe in you and support you to continue.

Seeing how the hand of the Lord God working in “ways you cannot see” makes you smile and knocks off any doubt and fear you have.

The greatest joy is seeing how Owniche is supporting the ministry that we are doing. The working time flexibility at Owniche enables me to fulfill our passion for serving the Lord God in South Canterbury.

So, what does the future hold for Owniche?

The other day, I learned the Hebrew meaning of the name “Che”, which is the last three letters of Online Writing Niche or Owniche.

“Che” is a Hebrew name for boys meaning “God will multiply”.

As we go through our second year and more years ahead, our prayer is for God to multiply both the ministry and business that we are undertaking here.

May the Lord God multiply and prosper the companies and people we are working with.

To God be the glory!

Online Writing Niche Ltd anniversary 2

Using Social Media to Gather Information and Support in Times of Calamity

Online Writing Niche conducted a free seminar on using social media among migrant participants on 21 February at the Community House meeting room.

Since reading last year’s news article “Upset Filipinos long for news“, I started thinking how to share what I and my wife did to get updates from back home.

The goals of the social media seminar were to share about the role of social media during and after Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines and teach participants how to use effectively Twitter and Facebook to gather live updates in times of calamities or significant national events.

Twitter and Facebook provided updates within 24 hours after Typhoon Haiyan hit Ajuy

When Typhoon Haiyan hit Iloilo province and mobile signal was lost on 8 November 2013, I and my wife turned to Twitter and Facebook for updates.

We used the updates we got from Twitter as leads. We searched Facebook’s news feed for details such as photos, videos, and narratives.

Using Twitter
At 5:58 PM – 9 Nov 2013, we got this image via Twitter, which led us to see more photos of Ajuy at FB.

We were able to get images in less than 24 hours after it hit Ajuy, our town in Iloilo Province.

We shared those updates to inform and alert our family and friends in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia and other countries of the world.

Then we got word that our family members are alright within 24 hours through the social media communication vine.

Through the Google Person Finder and Twitter, I helped a Filipino couple in Temuka search for their missing family member.

Using Facebook to Raise Funds for Typhoon Haiyan victims in the Philippines

I and my wife learned via FB private messages that food and water shortage became evident.

For two straight days, we contacted our friends abroad and solicited funds. We created the FB Group Page “Concerned People Helping Ajuy” to rally support, post updates and venue for communicating our relief efforts.

We coordinated with a group of Ajuy youth volunteers living in Iloilo City. They received the money, bought relief food, and facilitated distribution in Ajuy.

Holding the social media seminar

Joining OWNiche as co-sponsors are Hopevale Trust and Aoraki Migrant Support Centre.

Aoraki Migrant Support Centre provided the venue. Rosie Knoppel, Migrant Support Coordinator talked briefly about the Aoraki Multicultural Council programs.

Ross Waugh, founder and director of Hopevale Trust shared about the financial support the trust generated for Typhoon Haiyan victims.

Jewel Castillon, Marketing Manager of Online Writing Niche provided documentation.

There were seven people who attended. The ethnic groups represented were South Africa, Philippines, China and Germany.

OWNiche plans to share the social media lessons learned with other migrants in Canterbury and neighbouring towns.

See seminar photos below…

Online Writing Niche Social Media seminar

OWNiche social media seminar

OWNiche Social Media Seminar 2

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Timaru Consulting Company Serves 70% of NZ Territorial Authorities

Timaru Consulting Company Serves 70% of NZ Territorial Authorities

Waugh Infrastructure Management Ltd, a Timaru-based consulting company, reviewed recently their client base and found out the company serves 70 percent of NZ territorial authorities.

Then, considering the total population of their clients as shown in the Statistics NZ 2013 census data, the company’s clients cover 85 percent of New Zealand population.

The percentages matter because it shows the extent the company is providing technical knowledge to infrastructure custodians in managing well their respective infrastructure assets.

The management of infrastructures, such as roads, bridges, water and sanitation utilities, and the implementation of an updated asset management plan have great impact to the populace and industries.

For more than 15 years now, Waugh Infrastructure Management has been working with territorial authorities and district councils to ensure that infrastructure custodians are following and updating their asset management plan.

With the NZ Local Government Act requiring updated Long Term Plans in 2015, there is imminent need for councils to upgrade their asset management plan.

As reminder for infrastructure asset managers, Ross Waugh, founder and director of Waugh Infrastructure Management Ltd., published on his blog a checklist of subjects that must be considered in asset management plan updating.

For most of us, we know a lot about manufacturing, retail and service businesses, such as those engaged in food and dairy, malls, groceries, fast food and restaurant chains, hotels and tourism, construction and engineering.

While on the one hand, it seems a lot of us aren’t familiar with “infrastructure management”, on the other hand, we would profess enjoying the benefits of efficient infrastructures.

If infrastructure management consulting might not be very familiar industry to many, don’t you think it’s about time this lesser known sector be acknowledged for their role in our community?

After all, do you think manufacturing, dairy industry, business, and tourism will be developing progressively in Timaru and other districts of New Zealand without well-maintained and efficient infrastructures?

Waugh Infrastructure Management Ltd. is working with infrastructure custodians to ensure that infrastructure assets are serving well New Zealand industries and the general public.

So how does consulting businesses like Waugh Infrastructure Management Ltd. herald their vision, mission and achievements?

Realising the need for a good online portfolio and for promoting awareness of his company’s role in helping NZ territorial authorities develop and implement infrastructure management programs, Ross decided to improve his company’s online presence.

He contracted the expertise of Online Writing Niche, also a Timaru-based company.

So far, investing on a very good website enables Ross’ company to achieve its goals.

Ross Waugh wrote on 29 July 2013:

The investment I have made on my website over the past 4 months has achieved the best return on investment so far. The dividend I will receive in terms of profile, professional reputation, and future work opportunities will continue to be paid back for years to come.
Ross Waugh

How to Highlight Your Bragging Rights to Attract Traffic and Following

attractive websites

Every company website must highlight well its accomplishments.

If you’re a business consulting company, showing conspicuously what you have done will attract reader’s attention.

The Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines ‘bragging rights’ as “a good reason to talk with pride about something you have done”.

Yes, you must feature well your bragging rights after working hard to earn it. How?

Setup your ‘Blog’ page

You can publish your company’s precious accomplishments by creating a “Blog” page of the site.

If you’re using WordPress, you can either activate the built-in “Blog” page or select “Blog” as the option for the type of page.

I have seen some companies coming up with a PDF newsletter, which is also acceptable because at least the the company is publishing something.

There are three disadvantages I observed with PDF newsletters:

  • First, topics cannot be featured and selected individually. It’s a browse thing, scroll up or down for PDF newsletters.
  • Second, the reader needs to download the file, use a PDF reader.
  • Third, readers don’t have the chance to comment or interact with the published items.

Feature the experts behind your expertise

A staff page highlighting the experts working in your company should be shown.

You can also include consultants, professionals and companies contributing to your success.

A photo and blurb about their qualifications and specialisations would heighten the reputation of your website.

Choose a flexible website design

I encountered some company websites that have remarkable projects but the website design limits the potential to display more details about it.

Updating an old website requires starting from scratch again because the design is limited. Also, the original web designer isn’t available anymore.

Please read “Fast, Easy and Cheaper Way to Upgrade Your Website” for more details.

Remember the primary purpose of having a website is to display an impressive online portfolio of your company.