Online Writing Niche Ltd. Turns One Year Today – 17 May 2014

Online Writing Niche Ltd anniversary 2

Yes, today Online Writing Niche is celebrating her first year as a company in New Zealand. We celebrate with thanksgiving to our Almighty God for His guidance and provision. We celebrate with gratitude to our clients for their trust and confidence. Looking back four years ago, I and Jewel prayed about putting up an online […]

Using Social Media to Gather Information and Support in Times of Calamity

social media seminar

Online Writing Niche conducted a free seminar on using social media among migrant participants on 21 February at the Community House meeting room. Since reading last year’s news article “Upset Filipinos long for news“, I started thinking how to share what I and my wife did to get updates from back home. The goals of […]

Timaru Consulting Company Serves 70% of NZ Territorial Authorities

Waugh Infrastructure Management at Woollcombe (800x511) (340x238)

Waugh Infrastructure Management Ltd, a Timaru-based consulting company, reviewed recently their client base and found out the company serves 70 percent of NZ territorial authorities. Then, considering the total population of their clients as shown in the Statistics NZ 2013 census data, the company’s clients cover 85 percent of New Zealand population. The percentages matter […]

How to Highlight Your Bragging Rights to Attract Traffic and Following

highlighting your website (340x236)

Every company website must highlight well its accomplishments. If you’re a business consulting company, showing conspicuously what you have done will attract reader’s attention. The Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines ‘bragging rights’ as “a good reason to talk with pride about something you have done”. Yes, you must feature well your bragging rights after working hard […]

Fast, Easy and Cheaper Way to Upgrade Your Website

upgrading websites

Have you been thinking lately how you may be able to update your website? You probably commissioned a web design company to create your website many years ago to serve as online representation of your business. Then you enjoyed reading the contents you put up each week or as often as you can because the […]

Why Blogging About Your Consulting Business is Important

business blogging

Blogging is important and effective for a consulting firm because it is through the blog that you communicate your expertise to your clients (and would-be clients). The blog may talk about… current projects innovative ideas new products and processes in the industry that your company developed or talk about the latest in the industry your […]

News Article Still ‘Editors’ Pick’ After Over a Month

OWN 340x74

As I browsed the Timaru Herald website today, I found out that the news article “Pastor spreads word in his new business” published on 8 August 2013 is still on the Editors Picks list. The news article is based on my blog post “How the Tell-a-Friend Promote South Canterbury Contest Helped Start Our Company in […]