The Joy of Knowing that My Blogs have Gained PageRank

Gaining PageRank from Google is perhaps one of the best achievements that a search engine optimizer could attain. PageRank is Google’s system of gauging the value or importance of your site. It is named after Larry Page, the founder of Google. PageRank is a Google trademark, which process is patented officially in the US Patent […]

Online Writing – Sticking To Quality SEO Content

high quality content

Quality online writing is just like relishing the good food in a quality restaurant. Imagine the great benefits when you are working with a quality-oriented writer who would carefully compose a good write up for you. I believe that Search Engine Optimization need not be something that would degrade the whole concept of journalism and online writing.

My SEO Writing Experience

During my training as online writer, the whole concept of search engine optimization (SEO) dropped on me like a bomb. Its shrapnel are the crawling spiders in the Internet, keywords, algorithms, Internet marketing, social media, blogging, back links, black hat, white hat—the list of SEO jargons and revelations is quite long and more are added each year.