3 Essentials of Business Web Content Writing

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The internet has become the worldwide marketplace for most entrepreneurs nowadays. Majority of them have blogs or websites that is dedicated to the promotion of the products or services that they are offering.

They have discovered that having a blog or website for their particular wares means local and international exposure for their business.

Most business owners don’t have enough knowledge about website design. Thus, they contract web designers to build their website or blog site. These web designers are technical people and most of them are busy tinkering with web design codes.

Most web designers are concerned with website aesthetics and functionality. Writing web contents is not their priority or perhaps they might not be good writers.

To be able to present a complete website to their clients, they depend on online writers who could generate their desired quality articles.

Many blog or website owners do not have time anymore to update their online sites, so they resort to employing online writers. These trends cause the demand for web content updates, rewrites and original articles to rise, thus, providing jobs for online writers. There are three essentials of web content writing that writers should consider:

First Essential

Learn how to use effectively the given keyword or keyword phrase. It is assumed that these keywords have been researched through Google Adwords: Keyword tool (and other keyword search programs) to determine its rank in the local and global monthly Google searches. Words or phrases with higher search volume are considered to generate possible traffic.

Second Essential

The writer must be able to strategically place the keyword into the article body. As practiced, the keyword must be present in the first and last sentence of the write up.

An ideal article must have 2-3 percent keyword density. Stuffing the article with too much keyword would alert the search engine and label your site as containing spam and will be rejected.

Third Essential

Write in a direct and informative manner. People would like to read concise articles composed of crisp simple sentences. Remember, you are in a business website and contents must be written in a formal manner and not chatty.

Considering these essentials in web contents writing, you will surely come up with quality web contents that your clients will appreciate greatly.

Lastly, there are many good writers out there who could create quality copies but writing web contents requires SEO skills. Thus, it is important that your website has contents that could fare well in search engines.

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  1. says

    I disagree that “content must be written in a formal manner and not chatty.” Of course, one must stick to certain boundaries but the most successful web content is on the informal side and directly addresses the reader.

    • says

      Hi Web Content Writer, thank you for posting a comment and sharing your opinion. Yeah, I agree that web content could be written conversationally and not too formal, especially when making a blog post. Please take note that the subject I’m tackling is about “business web content writing” where the site presents products and/or services. I believe that in this case, “content must be written in a formal manner and not chatty” and being brief and direct in your presentation would be an advantage. Thank you for your thoughts.

  2. M Lee says

    Thanks for posting! It is indeed a reality that the demand for online content writers has increased.
    With the high demand, there is no denying that almost everyone nowadays is an online content writer.
    Great point too that most techy people aren’t good with the writing part.

    Just like what I came across a few days ago, “Lucky is the man who gets to have the best of both world”.
    I say, lucky is the employer who gets to hire this lucky guy !

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    I really loved this post. You describe this topic very well. Optimized content will help drive your site’s credibility and link building will add page rank to improve your placement on search results pages. Existing web sites in all industry segments will benefit from optimization, driving more traffic through organic placement and links.

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